As Good As It Gets

While on a family trip to Sun River Resort last month I took an opportunity to take pictures of my sister in law, Emily, and her three beautiful girls. What I learned at this shoot is that having good lighting is more important than having a bunch of good backdrops. I spend a lot of time just blurring the background while editing anyway.

This turned out awesome for several reasons.

  1. I got some cash flow! With a new baby on the way I am trying to still save for a new computer.
  2. The girls are so pretty that I couldn’t take a bad picture.
  3. This was also awesome because Emily is planning to hook me up with some of her friends for more family shoots. We’re thinking we’ll just take a day of pictures at a park somewhere in the Hillsboro area. Suggestions?

Here are some of the best pictures. You’ll also see some of the other nieces because, like I said, we were just at a family get away and we shot a few pictures in the backyard. That’s as good as it gets!


3girls BuddyBehind CadizGirls Grasswalk IMG_9747 KaciBW1 KellyBW KieraBW Pond IMG_9789


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