93.3 CMA watch party!

I didn’t know about this annual event before this  month. Apparently hundreds of people in Eugene/Springfield like to crowd themselves into the old theater to watch TV together. Yes, they could be comfortably sprawled out on their couch with their jam-jams on and sipping drinks without having to tip, but they don’t. I think the oddest part was the applause after the music performances. Nowhere else would you clap at a TV. Seemed strange, but ended up being pretty entertaining people watching, AND A NEW ADVENTURE for this girl. I was the official photographer at the event. I had a great time, learned a lot about my camera capabilities, and rekindled the love of working with adults. A good weekday break from ten year-olds. The 93.3 crew was really nice to work with and I’d be happy to do it again next year.


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