P Family takes on a photo session

It’s time to invest in a newer computed if I’m going to keep at it with photography. Each time I sit to edit photos it takes a bit longer. I’m spending most of my time relentlessly watching that annoying color wheel go round…and round…and round…and..

But I can’t give up on it. By the time I’ve waited out the wheel I’m more determined than before to get through ONE MORE.
Katie asked me if I’d have time this weekend to take pictures of their family this last Sunday. We wondered how well the boys would do with Auntie being the photographer. But I quickly took over and made an ADVENTURE out of it.
What makes the boys smile for the camera?

  1. yelling “oh coconuts” instead of “cheese” ( which I was informed is from Jake and the Neverland Pirates cartoon)
  2. pretending there is a snake next to Aunties foot
  3. throwing filberts at the camera and hitting me in the forehead
  4. climbing trees

After about 35 min. of great pictures we then had the inevitable melt downs. But not before some true Piquette cherished moments.

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