Dylan’s Senior Picture shoot

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I took Dylan out to Silkey Field for our first photo shoot. I got there a half hour early to scope out good angles, backdrops and such. I forgot most of them once we got started. This was a great learning experince for me as I journey towards doing this as a semi-profession.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Have a written list of places to go for pictures. Spent way too much time standing and thinking.
  2. Carry both lenses with me at all times. Which means I may need a bigger bag.
  3. Bigger bag means more investment into this venture…..I better start making a dime or two soon.
  4. Those light diffuser disk things really come in handy. Buy one.
  5. It’s a lot harder to get boys to smile naturally than it is girls. Find a way to get them to channel their inner diva before taking 100 pictures of the “football smile”.
  6. Don’t over edit. Walk away and come back. I ended up deleting the first few I sat in front of for like an hour.

I think I did end up with some winners. I really hope they like them.


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