July 14: A week and a wedding in Kauai

July was an extraordinary month for me this year. My husband, Eric, and I were lucky enough to plan a trip to Kauai with my entire immediate  family. Shocking because I never thought I’d see the day my parents planned a tropical vacation, which then led to seeing then in tropical clothing like… shorts! And Swimwear!

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Furthering my luck, our good friends planned a wedding for the SAME WEEK, SAME ISLAND, SAME BEACH that we had already planned. All without communicating. I was then asked to take some of their wedding shots. A little nerve wracking because weddings are a lot more pressure and I insisted they referred to me as ” The Person Taking Pictures” and not their “Photographer.” It was so beautiful. The setting was at Shipwreck Beach. There was a spectacular cliff behind them, and just as the sun set they said their vows inside a heart shaped rock display with all of us encircling them. Highly recommend the destination wedding.

In addition to this great event, my family was surprised and excited to hear that my little brother popped the questions to his long time girlfriend on that same cliff the following day. So cool! She has already asked if I’d be a bridesmaid in their wedding next summer. OOooo so excited to start my wedding crafting ideas. I’ve already started doing my bargain shopping for decor. She better be ready for this action.


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