Sweet Sisters

Does it get sweeter than this? Reese and Avery are my beautiful nieces. We took some fall photos while they were visiting Papa and Grandma Diz.

At this little shoot I learned

  • peek-a-boo is always cool to a kid and everyone knows how to play!
  • even dead flowers can make a cute picture
  • don’t forget to factor in ALL THE MOVING kids do. There was a lot of blur.

Avery1 Avery2 Reese2 Reese6 Reese8 sisters2

As Good As It Gets

While on a family trip to Sun River Resort last month I took an opportunity to take pictures of my sister in law, Emily, and her three beautiful girls. What I learned at this shoot is that having good lighting is more important than having a bunch of good backdrops. I spend a lot of time just blurring the background while editing anyway.

This turned out awesome for several reasons.

  1. I got some cash flow! With a new baby on the way I am trying to still save for a new computer.
  2. The girls are so pretty that I couldn’t take a bad picture.
  3. This was also awesome because Emily is planning to hook me up with some of her friends for more family shoots. We’re thinking we’ll just take a day of pictures at a park somewhere in the Hillsboro area. Suggestions?

Here are some of the best pictures. You’ll also see some of the other nieces because, like I said, we were just at a family get away and we shot a few pictures in the backyard. That’s as good as it gets!


3girls BuddyBehind CadizGirls Grasswalk IMG_9747 KaciBW1 KellyBW KieraBW Pond IMG_9789

93.3 CMA watch party!

I didn’t know about this annual event before thisĀ  month. Apparently hundreds of people in Eugene/Springfield like to crowd themselves into the old theater to watch TV together. Yes, they could be comfortably sprawled out on their couch with their jam-jams on and sipping drinks without having to tip, but they don’t. I think the oddest part was the applause after the music performances. Nowhere else would you clap at a TV. Seemed strange, but ended up being pretty entertaining people watching, AND A NEW ADVENTURE for this girl. I was the official photographer at the event. I had a great time, learned a lot about my camera capabilities, and rekindled the love of working with adults. A good weekday break from ten year-olds. The 93.3 crew was really nice to work with and I’d be happy to do it again next year.


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